Why Do I Write

A few years ago I had the fortunate experience of teaching Spanish to seventh graders. Often my children would display inappropriate behaviors which I knew they knew they weren’t supposed to be doing. At first my opinion was their actions made Oprah Winfrey’s claim when people know better they do better invalid. Sometimes their events were so bewildering that I wanted to know why they behaved that way. At that time my experience with teenagers was limited because my child was not yet a teenager.  I began asking questions? What was making their little brains tick in such a negative manner?  For personal enlightenment when I found their behavior lacking I asked them why did you do that?  Usually they couldn’t answer. They didn’t know why they did what they did. Giving credibility to Oprah I gave them a tool for measuring their behavior. I told them if you don’t know why you’re doing something chances are you shouldn’t be doing it.  You’d be surprised  how they changed when they knew they had to be accountable for their actions. Today, I got up with a case of the why’s? ????. I did a quick reflection of my life. Which right now consists primarily of writing. I asked myself why do I write?  I write because through my words I find courage to endure for another day. I find solutions to my problems. I find it as a way to vent without offending others. I write because I find my voice and opinions through my words. I write because writing allows me to get closer to my God. I write because it’s a tool for me to find my place in the world. I write because it allows me to say what I can only put in words. I write because it allows me to record my life lessons for others and helps me to personally remember them. I write because it’s healing, it’s innovative, it’s rewarding.  I write because it’s how I live my life. I write because it’s who I am.  I am a writer….


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