Gentle Reminders

Sometimes life can beat us down so bad that we forget to be grateful.. This has been the worst year of my entire life and I have no idea why.Because I am so sure that my suffering has been in vain how can I liberate myself?  Today I was feeling sorry for myself thinking the only thing I had to look forward to was seeing the people who caused me so much pain suffer. I refuse to give up until I see them get what they deserve. Then in the mist of my distorted thinking a soft gentle voice sent a faint reminder that said to me, “today is not your birthday.” That is when I was reminded that I was out of kilter because I didn’t get something I felt I deserved and what was it I deserved when it isn’t even my birthday. I know how to be at peace when I’m in the midst of difficulties but it just seems my trials are never ending…………..And sometimes I forget but life seems more manageable when if in the middle of my difficulties I remember to be grateful. What could I be grateful for when my life has fallen apart and doesn’t look like it’s going to be restored anytime soon? I know why i’m grateful because my mindset is changed. I do the best I can so there’s no reason to feel guilty. All I need to do is to continue to put one foot in front of the other.  JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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