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Tralisa McNeal

What happens when a preacher’s life is shattered by the rape of his wife but his love for her is stronger than the drugs and deceptions she uses as coping mechanisms?

Tralisa McNeal answers these questions in her novel Love Me Sane. (356 pp.. $17)  a story of love and redemption.

Mary Campagna the author of Send a White Rose states that this is not a book for the fainted heart.

Love Me Sane gives a first hand account of issues such as: abuse, addiction, infidelity, love, marriage, miscarriage, and redemption.  The experiences as well as the clear voice of the protagonist will certainly draw the reader into the world of the victim.

Ms. McNeal states “I started writing the story and Stacey Jones finished it.”

Tralisa McNeal is currently pursuing writing as a career. She has both a BS Degree in Education and a BA Degree in Communication from Indiana University.


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