Some people have called me a witch. If I were a witch I would wave my magic wand and turn injustice into justice. As I’m writing this I’m liberating myself from the pain. I am releasing the toxins into the air that if allowed to manifest would cause hatred and resentment. I am allowing my God to fight my battles and I am confident and assured that he will….

Indiana Prosecutor’s Office Child Support Division is a joke. Over the course of twenty years I have seen money disappear. On one occassion a check for 2500 vanished into thin air. Neither myself nor my son saw a dime of this money. When I tried to locate the money the red tape was so thick I could cut it with a knife. Only later did I see on the news that some trusted employee was stealing money. Although credited to my account the money was never returned. So, I guess the prosecutor believed that it was my responsibility to pay for the thieves working in his office.
Believe it or not this was not the worse of the injustices. The worse were all of the times we became homeless because of my inability to pay all of the bills. (Tell me Mr. Prosecutor how Do you compensate my son for this? Which worksheet should you use to calculate back support?) I had two degrees a BS and a BA and only one child  but I couldn’t survive. (Surely it must have been my mismanagement of money.  The icing on the cake was the more kids my son’s father had the worse our life got. He was now responsible for five kids but he was driving the nicer car with the nicer home. I couldn’t make it. I couldn’t get any help outside of foodstamps because after all it must have been my fault with my one child and my bitter attitude that I couldn’t make it. One of the mother’s of my sons sibilings had been on ADC and because she had the state took the tax refund check which had been promised to my son for back support. That check was promised to my son four years before that child was ever born. The system was tragically failing my son. LOL and this mother resents me. Really?

I did not stop fighting for my son. Although I was loosing energy. The more I fought the harder our lives became. The attorney who was defending my son’s paternal family found a $41 dollar check that I had bounced 20 years earlier while in college and had me arrested. I wasn’t a criminal I was sick and had forgotten about the check. Lucky for me the judge dismissed the twenty year old case but now it shows on my record as having been charged. So now the information has been plastered all over the Internet.
I never imaginedd so many problems would emerge from my wanting to take care of my son. Because I challenged the judge in the divorce court, the sick attorney and the prosecutors office I was now labeled. In addition to being homeless I couldn’t pay my attorney so now he has a personal vendetta. I am now a defiant who deserved to be ostercized. I could say more but because it’s so draining I won’t.
Today, I received a letter from the prosecutor stating my son is of age and is now emancipated. My son doesn’t have a job and will be starting school in the spring. I still cry because of all of the missed years that I worked two jobs and still could not make it. My son suffered. When I had my son I was married and we could afford him. I wasn’t like the other mothers who brought more than one

child  into the world knowing they did not have the resources to sufficiently provide. I wanted more children but I never had them because I couldn’t afford them. I would have never been that selfish to take from one child and give to another one. I wrote this not only to explain why it’s showing up that I have a criminal record but also to release my enemies to God. I forgive you for all that you have done and may God bless you as he sees fit.
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