Solutions for the Over Stimulated Muse

Solutions for the Over Stimulated Muse


            I read because  I write, and I write because I read. I could spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week at the local library and never suffer a moment of boredom. As a matter of fact, I walk into the library almost daily and my inner muse still jumps in the air, kicking her heels together like Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz.” Truth be told, she knows if I am not fascinated and motivated by the ideas of others, She Will Die.

            The problem is that although I am an avid reader, I frequently start more books than I finish. It’s not that the books don’t hold my interest because usually these are detail oriented, good books. The dilemma occurs because my mind never rests. It’s constantly conjuring up the next “big idea.” Therefore, I feel compelled to learn all I can prior to leaving this life.

            I don’t want the pangs of the what if’s and the had I of known’s  looming in the air long after I’m gone. I don’t want the unanswered questions in the next life to be caused by a lack of preparation from this life. Consequently, the urgency to find “some of the answers” is constant. Equivalent to that of a child that keeps going afraid of napping because of the innate fear of “missing something.” Therefore every book on the shelf in the library is a resource and looks like one I should read. That’s the one that possesses the knowledge I’m lacking. Never mind the fact that I have 29 other books stacked neatly in a pile waiting to be read. I need to prioritize. I need quick solutions. Otherwise, I will suffer the loss of having an abundance of well intended projects floathing around in my head, accomplishing nothing. Success is never gained by well intentions.       

            Desperation has prompted me to stay focused and to find some solutions. Here are some ideas I have come up with so that not every book in the library is screaming, “pick me”, causing my success rate to be mandated by well intentions.  One is I joined two book clubs. Not because I do everything in excess but because both of the clubs serve different purposes. In the first group I joined we read more urban fiction. Not only does this club dicatate the books I read, it gives me a deadline for reading the books so I am more apt to read it’s entirety.  During the monthly meetings I listen to and share ideas with other members. The second book club is a group of conservative, retired teachers. They choose books they feel have strong literary value. I read the same book so that I am exposed to a variety of genres. Because of work, I am unable to attend the meeting but  I read the same books and finish the book prior to their monthly meeting. Again, this allows me to read a book from cover to cover. Outside of the two books I read monthly I have decided to read two other books so that I am reading a book a week. I will write weekly reviews on every book. I will post these reviews on my blog. The book reviews allow me to read, to write and to network with other authors.  I will continue to monitor my progress while I hope that these solutions tame and focus my over stimulated muse.



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2 responses to “Solutions for the Over Stimulated Muse

  1. sacredcircles

    I have got to say that I love your writing. The conversational tone is very inviting, honest and real. There are no airs or pretension yet I can see you are a brilliant woman. Thank you! ~ All my relations ~ Jonina

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