My heart goes out to Trayvon Martin’s mother because I can only imagine what it feels like to sit across from the man who was judge, jury and executioner to her 17 year old child.  My heart is in agony over the fact that some people are saying he might walk free. I think about the all white jury and I believe the defense must have known what they were doing with the jury selec…tion. I’m sure they will say they had nothing to do with the process. My heart wants to believe that somebody will be fair and give the gun totting vigilante what he deserves. But then again I think Trayvon Martin was a  black child so not only is there the possibility of race being an issue but there is also the possibility of social status being an issue.  I see the odds stacked really high against the prosecution and not because Zimmerman was right but because no matter how far they say we’ve come with resolving racial issues “it is what it is.” But is that really what it is? I wonder how much progress have we made where social status is the issue. Then I’m drawn back into the reality of my world where I’m reminded that his daddy is a judge but my daddy is the judge and in spite of what happens this is only a pretrial.

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