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I trusted you,  i believed in you, I needed you and not because I wanted you.  I needed you to lead me out of the darkness and into the light. I guess I expected too much. I shared my secrets with you, you shared them with others, you condemned me, you lied on me, you judged me,  YOU KILLED MY MOTHER.  I came to you because of your title Man of God. But now I laugh at myself because I saw the darkness that lingered above your head. That didn’t stop me. I was desperate. I needed to belong, I needed to fit in. I needed to know that everything was going to be okay. You were supposed to be my brother, my father, my leader.  You took my moments of weakness as an opportunity to exclude me, to separate me, to make me feel less than , to let me know how unimportant I was in your world. You broke my heart Man of God . I picked up the pieces, I moved on, you made me stronger. I no longer need your seal of approval or seek your acceptance. May God someday forgive me but I laugh at you. Now I judge you in a self righteous and hypocritical way. I shake my head and point my finger because I am no longer vulnerable. My God is still the same and now my ministers are on tv.


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