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I’m A Creator, A Poet, A Songwriter II


With Words I create emotions
Emotions stir feelings
Feelings before now were forgotten, out of bounds, untouchable
Untouchables are people who are living to die or maybe even dying to live
Who am I?
I’m a creator, a poet, a songwriter
I invent words, words validate feelings and give meaning
Meaning justifies laughter and releases tears
Tears symbolic to living in the moment
The moment unleashes freedom to dance
Who am I?
I’m a creator, a poet, a songwriter
I create verses, verses manifest love.
Love, what is love?
I use words to paint pictures
Pictures craft visual images
Images formulate questions
Who Am I ?
I’m a creator, a poet, a songwriter
I give you a sense of purpose
Purpose calls you to action
Action forces you to have opinion take a stance.
Who am I?
I’m a creator, a poet a songwriter.

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Before I knew

My my how we’ve grown. There was a time he could have placed his hand on my lip and I would have hushed in a nano second. Now to think he has no existence in my world. Not even negatively. I am who I am because of everything I had to go through to get here.

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