Transgendered Children Promotes Stereotypes

I am watching television when I see a  news broadcast about transgendered children. What?  I’m appalled. In a world where we preach equal rights and equality for everyone we are sure full of contradictions. In my humble opinion this terminology promotes stereotypes. Why do I say that? I am no sociologist. I am a graduate of Indiana University where I took many Psychology and Sociology  courses because I knew that I would someday have to defend myself against the norm. Not because I’m transgendered or anything like that but because I was a non- conformist. and frequently struggled with labels.   I had to learn to live with my experiences. To this day, I am sure there are several people in the medical profession who would rather see me locked in a padded cell. But, against all odds I have a testimony and  a white suit and a padded cell would never do me justice. I used to say I held on to my sanity for the sake of my son because I honestly believe that at times going crazy would have been easier. That is no longer my excuse. I live with the person who I am. And proud of what I’ve learned.

Any hoot, while attending Indiana University I had the chance to take a sociology of sex roles class. In this class we learned how sex roles can be taught. The course began by us reading a study. The study was about a baby who for the first year or so of it’s life was sexually unidentified. The parents dressed the child in neutral colors,   kept it’s hair cut shoulder length and allowed the child to play with trucks and dolls. Toys that were prevalent in both genders. In the end the child displayed traits of both sexes in a healthy sense. No identity problems.

Anyway, as a result of having taken this class I decided that I would rear my child in the same manner. Dressing him in neutral colors, allowing him to play with trucks and dolls and never limiting his opportunity to learn new things and try new experiences. As my son progressed throughout school, I watched him identify more with the boy toys. I think other boys were partially the blame for this but now, I watch him with his daughter and I think that him playing with dolls has helped prepare him for fatherhood. I didn’t have to show him how to change her pamper because he  already knew.  I am wondering what happened in our society that made innocent children have to worry about grown up things? We expect our boys to be good dad’s so why is it not ok for them to play with dolls? We expect our girls to be productive members of society having the ability to carry their own weight.  Yet we want to limit their opportunities by labeling them. Remember when we just had to worry about being in the house before the street lights came on? Why are children being consumed with adult worries? If children were able to answer adult questions then they would be adults. There would be no purpose for them being  called children.

Transgendered um. What does that mean? According to Webster’s Dictionary transgender is a term used to relate to people whose gender identity typically does not confirm to that “Typically” associated with the sex assigned to at birth.

In closing I have two questions : are we raising typical, conforming children or are we raising healthy, unique individuals? Why can’t we just let em play?


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