What are You Reading?

Navy Seal’s Promise

I recently read the book The Navy Seal’s Promise written by Soraya Lane.  I enjoyed reading this short, sweet and simple love story. The realistic premise and the vivid details made this  an enjoyable read. This book sheds light on the dark topic of  war. The author offers hope to the surviving spouse after  experiencing loss caused by terminal illness. Ms. Lane  uses a subtle approach to paint a very realistic picture of grief.


3 responses to “What are You Reading?

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  2. I am currently reading “Going Twice” by Sharon Sala. it is an adventure love story involving the FBI and a serial killer. It is the sequel to “Going Once,” which I thoroughly enjoyed.

  3. I’m reading ‘After God’s Own Heart’ by Mike Bickle (founder of IHOP in KC) He has a gift for conveying the truth of God’s Word- and the relentless pursuit of a God who loves us, even when we blow it. Definitely a must-read for both believers and unbelievers.

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